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Broadway Books is a locally owned, independent bookstore committed to bringing you great books in whatever format suits you best. We have been an active member of the NE Portland community since 1992. We take great pride in helping you find wonderful reads, in bringing together authors and readers in an interactive environment, in supporting local authors, and in being a supportive member of a vibrant, diverse NE Broadway neighborhood.

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We have chosen a very special program to be the recipient of our 2023 Holiday Book Drive. We are partnering this year with the Multnomah Education Service District’s Hospital School Program at the Unity Center for Behavioral Health. This program supports approximately five hundred teens from across the state who come through the program for two weeks of therapeutic care after severe mental health issues have brought them to suicide attempts or ideation. Broadway Books will increase any gift certificate donation to this important and necessary program by 20%. You can purchase gift certificates in the store, by phone or online at this link (just indicate in the comments box that the gift is for our MESD Holiday Book Drive). Join us in getting good books to young people who desperately need them!



Here are the authors for the Literary Arts 2023-2024 Portland Arts and Lectures Series--another terrific line-up of authors!


Here is the link to the new series.



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Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our 30th anniversary in May!