Structural Renovation in Concrete (Hardcover)

Structural Renovation in Concrete By Zongjin Li, Christopher Leung, Yunping XI Cover Image

Structural Renovation in Concrete (Hardcover)


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The mechanisms by which buildings and infrastructures degrade are complex, as are the procedures and methods for inspection and for rehabilitation.

This book examines the various problems caused by non-uniform deformation changes, poor durability, and natural and human disasters such as earthquakes and fire. Attention is given to the causes and mechanisms of the deterioration. General procedures and commonly used techniques for inspection and evaluation of existing infrastructures are introduced. The desk study, destructive test, and non-destructive test are discussed - in particular the newly developed non-destructive methods for deterioration monitoring. The book then moves on to conventional renovation techniques such as patch and steel plate strengthening, which meet the requirements of normal practice. Special attention is paid to compatibility between repair materials and degraded materials. Fibrous composite materials are then introduced as a basis for innovative repair techniques, and different fibre and matrix properties are outlined, as are newly developed inorganic binders as a matrix for fibrous composites. Finally, advanced rehabilitation techniques using fibrous composite are described. Fundamental issues such as bonding and failure mechanisms are then discussed in detail. Fibrous composite strengthening techniques for beam, wall, column and slabs are covered, including shear strengthening, flexural strengthening, and fillet winding, as are codes of practice for retrofitting with fibrous composites.

This caters to students and academics world-wide and serves as a tool book for concrete and structural engineering professionals.

Zongjin Li is Professor of Civil Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Christopher Leung is Professor of Civil Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Yunping Xi is Professor of Civil Engineering at University of Colorado, Boulder.
Product Details ISBN: 9780415423717
ISBN-10: 0415423716
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2009
Pages: 354
Language: English