Moral Obligation: Volume 27, Part 2 (Social Philosophy and Policy #27) (Paperback)

The notion of obligation--of what an agent owes to himself, to others, or to society generally--occupies a central place in morality. But what are the sources of our moral obligations, and what are their limits? To what extent do obligations vary in their stringency and severity, and does it make sense to talk about imperfect obligations, that is, obligations that leave the individual with a road range of freedom to determine how and when to fulfill them? The twelve essays in this volume address these and other questions and explore related issues. Some of them discuss broad theoretical questions, some essays look at moral reasons for action. Others discuss specific moral obligations or the tensions that may exist between our obligations and our other concerns.
Product Details ISBN: 9780521168960
ISBN-10: 0521168961
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: July 16th, 2010
Pages: 345
Language: English
Series: Social Philosophy and Policy