Science of Rhythm: Indian System of Musical Rhythm "Taal Shastra" Analysis of its Science and Sensibilities (Paperback)

Science of Rhythm: Indian System of Musical Rhythm
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The present volume is an English synopsis with some of Author's own experiences and interpretations on Science of the Rhythm. The book deals with the subject of illustrating the Science (logical and experimental roots) and Sensibilities (emotional and spiritual feeling based genesis) of the Indian Rhythmic structures also known as "Taal Shastra" in Sanskrit. The book is a first reference of its kind in the English language to explore the synthesis of Science, Spirituality, and Art in the context of Rhythmic Instruments and their structured systems of Indian Classical Musical. The knowledge is based on ancient texts and the author's own evolution as a practitioner of the art and instructions received from and documented by profound Gurus over the years. As such, the Author lists his Spiritual Guru (Vallabh Vedantacharya Shri Shyam Manohar Goswamyji) and his Mridang Vidya Guru (Mahantji Shri Vishwambharnath Mishraji) as co-authors. The first analytical and scientific section is based on the Author's continuously evolving experiments in the practice of Naad Yoga. Second, third and fourth sections go into the ancient details of the structure and science of the Taal system in India with the English descriptions and explanations of the Sanskrit terms and their meanings. Source of the Sanskrit and Hindi material in second and third sections is translated by Author from out of print and unavailable "Taal Deepika" published by the Author Shri Mannuji Mridangacharya of Benaras in the 1930s. Late Shri Mannuji is also listed as a co-author of this volume. The original Sanskrit and Hindi explanations have also been maintained in this book to assist the reader in grasping the idea from multiple languages. This book is not intended to be a "How-To Guide" on playing the Indian rhythmic instrument as it is assumed that the reader has some basic knowledge of the instruments and their physical playing abilities. The purpose of the book is to act as a reference and inspiration to educate the practitioner of Music on true science and sensibilities of the Taal Rhythmic structures so that one can perform with the full and complete depth that is gained by exploring the subject from all avenues.

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