Sounds Like Misophonia: How to Stop Small Noises from Causing Extreme Reactions (Paperback)

Sounds Like Misophonia: How to Stop Small Noises from Causing Extreme Reactions By Dr Jane Gregory, Adeel Ahmad (Contributions by) Cover Image

Sounds Like Misophonia: How to Stop Small Noises from Causing Extreme Reactions (Paperback)

By Dr Jane Gregory, Adeel Ahmad (Contributions by)


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'Empathetic, thoroughly informative and succinct ... Dr Gregory will be your friendly and helpful companion in the maelstrom of living with this complex disorder' - Cris Edwards, founder of misophonia charity SoQuiet


Are you often infuriated by ticking clocks, noisy eating, loud breathing, or any other small sounds? Do you wish you could sometimes put the world on mute?

You might not have heard of misophonia, but if sounds can send you spiralling, you may have experienced it. In fact, it's thought that one in five of us have it. Sounds Like Misophonia is the first dedicated guide to help you make sense of the condition and design a treatment plan that works for you.

Using techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), clinical psychologist Dr Jane Gregory takes you through step-by-step exercises to change your relationship with sounds and streamline your coping strategies. Alongside you on your journey is podcaster and misophone Adeel Ahmad, who carries out experiments and shares case studies from volunteers around the world.

With humour and understanding, Sounds Like Misophonia offers practical ways to navigate this noisy world and live a fulfilling life, instead of fighting against it.

Dr Jane Gregory is a clinical psychologist and researcher based at the University of Oxford. She is a leading expert in evidence-based strategies adapted specifically for misophonia and set up two of the first misophonia clinics within NHS psychology services. As a misophonia sufferer herself, she has been glaring at noisy pigeons since she was 8 years old.
Adeel Ahmad is the host of the popular Misophonia Podcast, the only podcast about people that don't like listening to other people. Adeel is based in the US and has lived with misophonia since high school.

Product Details ISBN: 9781399404983
ISBN-10: 1399404989
Publisher: Green Tree
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English

“For those who don't necessarily need therapy but would benefit from the information.” —The Times

Empathetic, thoroughly informative and succinct ... a milestone of a gift in a book. Combining the latest in fact-based information and field-tested tools for living with misophonia, this book is deeply validating and witty. Dr Gregory will be your friendly and helpful companion in the maelstrom of living with this complex disorder.” —Cris Edwards, founder of misophonia charity SoQuiet

“A fascinating, friendly and funny book for everyone, even people like me who don't have misophonia and didn't know it existed until devouring this work. I shall considerately spread the word!” —Alex Horne, comedian and creator of Taskmaster

Excellent” —Fern Brady, comedian and author of Strong Female Character

“This book is a rare combination of clarity, accuracy, humility and usefulness. It is highly accessible and is going to be useful for anyone suffering from Misophonia, their loved ones and professionals who want to support sufferers in overcoming the difficulties associated with this previously poorly understood problem. The book manages to strike an excellent balance between offering an understanding of how the problem works and converting that understanding into practical steps. If you want or need to know more about Misophonia or how to manage it, there is no better way than to read this delightful book, which manages to convey complicated ideas with enjoyable ease.” —Professor Paul Salkovskis, University of Oxford and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

“Written in a very accessible, entertaining way, this terrific self-help book explains this challenging problem and details what to do about it. Lots of interesting real-life examples and practical strategies will guide you to figure out which techniques will work for you-and which won't. Optional passages about research are clear and understandable and you'll find the suggested exercises illuminating and helpful. I recommend this book highly!” —Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. Clinical Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania President, Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

A trailblazing first book of its kind. With feet planted firmly both in the emerging science of misophonia and the authors' own personal experiences, this is book that traverses complicated concepts and ideas with grace, compassion, and brilliant humor. This is a must read for laypeople with misophonia and their families, as well as for clinicians across disciplines.” —M. Zachary Rosenthal, Ph.D. Director, Center for Misophonia & Emotion Regulation, Duke University

An outstanding resource for clinicians and patients alike. Through personal stories, humour and science, described in a way that makes complete sense, the reader is navigated wonderfully through the reasons for misophonia and the ways to manage this super-guardedness for sounds.” —Michelle G. Craske, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, UCLA

“A bible for anyone who has ever listened to their spouse chomping loudly on cereal and seriously contemplated divorce.” —The Mail on Sunday

"... you can find relief with the coping strategies outlined in this book - the first dedicated guide to misophonia." - Top Sante