Understanding Homeland Security (Paperback)

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The pedagogical approach of Understanding Homeland Security is designed to stimulate critical thinking by readers. Each chapter follows a sequence of instruction that builds on previous chapters and thus incrementally enhances the reader's knowledge of each topic. Chapters incorporate the following features: Opening Viewpoints. At the beginning of each chapter, Opening Viewpoints present relevant examples of theories and themes discussed in each chapter and serve as "reality checks" for readers Chapter Introduction. Each chapter is introduced by an overview of the subject under investigation. The introduction provides perspective for the incorporation of each chapter's topic into the broader themes of the textbook Chapter Perspectives. Chapters incorporate focused presentations of perspectives that explore people, events, organizations, and movements that are relevant to the subject matter of each chapter Chapter Summary. A concluding discussion recapitulates the main themes of each chapter and introduces the subject matter of the following chapter Discussion Boxes. Discussion Boxes present provocative information and pose challenging questions to stimulate critical thinking and further debate Key Terms and Concepts. Important terms and ideas introduced in each chapter are listed for review and discussion. These Key Terms and Concepts are further explored and defined in the book's glossary Recommended Web Sites and Web Exercises. Web exercises at the ends of chapters have been designed for students, professionals, and instructors to explore and discuss information found on the Internet Recommended Readings. Suggested readings are listed at the end of each chapter for further information or research on each topic

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