Crowdfunding Explosion: How to raise money and beat the system. (Paperback)

Crowdfunding Explosion: How to raise money and beat the system. Cover Image
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Crowd-Funding explosion, is a book that wants to help you become a better artist, inventor, designer, dancer, writer etc. Told with the artist perspective in mind, this book goal is to make a mind set change. Help you to identify specific areas, which you never looked at, before you start a campaign to raise money, or fully fund a venture on one of the many popular sites. The book includes stories, examples, quotes, resources and a ten step check list, an websites with personal examples; so you can begin to crowd-fund your dreams and leave the old system behind. Buy Crowd-Funding Explosion today, and change your mindset, career and your bank account. But most importantly, separate yourself from the competition, and reach the goals you seek.

About the Author

Richard Encarnacion, Is an Independent Producer and Writer, who has written Crowd Funding Explosion and How to sell your art, Not Sell Out with Frank Luna. He spend his off time, doing animation and special effect, his major love is writing and directing, either movies, music videos or doing stories; which will help motivate or inspire people all across the globe. Richard, was a former United States Marine, Who during his time in the military, learned to discover his true self. An understand his path in life, by helping himself, he could help other. By writing about ways he could improve, he could help others improve. He has read and researched hundreds of books, in the field of motivation, education, positive thinking, screenwriting, filmmaking, success, money and finance, and he wants to share with you, his passion and dedication; to deal with some of the issues he has dealt with and succeed. Today Richard, spends the majority of his morning being a stay at home dad, taking care of his one year old baby daughter and fulfill, his dream of being a filmmaker. He wants to help, others like you, also do the same.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781492164753
ISBN-10: 1492164755
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 18th, 2013
Pages: 32
Language: English