Hydroponics for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Start Your Own Hydroponic Garden (Paperback)

Hydroponics for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Start Your Own Hydroponic Garden Cover Image

Hydroponics for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Start Your Own Hydroponic Garden (Paperback)


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If you are looking for year-round vegetables, herbs that burst with flavor and the chance to grow some indoor flowers, all without soil...

...then hydroponics is for you.

Hydroponic offers growers' greater control over lighting, growing medium, pest control, temperature, and watering solutions, along with GMO free, healthy produce that can be grown throughout the year.

There is a hydroponic solution to fit nearly every lifestyle no matter what region you are in or how much space you have.

Modern hydroponics has kit solutions ready to unpack, put together, and get operational or you can create simple DIY setups that are cost effective, and easy to maintain and manage.

This comprehensive beginner guide to starting with hydroponics will answer many questions about growing with hydroponics.

Here's some of the info that you're going to discover in Hydroponics:

  • The Basics of Hydroponics
  • Types of Hydroponic Systems
  • Choosing the Right System for You
  • Growing Medium, Nutrients, and Lighting
  • How to maintain your garden and system
  • How to maintain the integrity of your plants

By the time you have finished reading this book, you will have a better understanding of what hydroponics is, what systems best suits your lifestyle and budget, as well as how to start setting up your own hydroponics system.

You will be growing your own fresh produce in no time at all while reaping the health benefits of fresh grown organic produce.

With the price of organic vegetables what they are today, growing your own is a lot more cost effective, fun to do, and gives you the added benefit of having a therapeutic garden feature at your fingertips.

If you want to learn more, then do not miss out on reading all about the different hydroponic systems, how they operate and what the best recommended plants for each growing system are. This book is written to benefit all levels of hydroponic gardeners, from beginners through to the more advanced growers.

Take the first step to building your own hydroponic garden

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Product Details ISBN: 9781801882804
ISBN-10: 1801882800
Publisher: Mark Greenwood
Publication Date: April 30th, 2021
Pages: 150
Language: English