The Hundred Years’ War: 1337–1453 (Essential Histories) (Paperback)

The Hundred Years’ War: 1337–1453 (Essential Histories) By Anne Curry Cover Image

The Hundred Years’ War: 1337–1453 (Essential Histories) (Paperback)


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There can be no doubt that military conflict between France and England dominated European history in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. This war is of considerable interest both because of its duration and the number of theatres in which it was fought. In this book, Hundred Years' War expert Dr Anne Curry reveals how the war can reveal much about the changing nature of warfare: the rise of infantry and the demise of the knight; the impact of increased use of gunpowder and the effect of the wars on generations of people around it.

Anne Curry is Emeritus Professor of Medieval History at the University of Southampton, UK. She is the author of several books, including Agincourt: A New History (2005) and Henry V: From Playboy Prince to Warrior King (2015). She is also the editor of numerous titles, such as The Battle of Agincourt (2015; with Malcolm Mercer) and The Agincourt Companion (2015; with Daniel Spencer, Thom Richardson and Peter Hoskins).

A former President of the Historical Association, and a Trustee of the Royal Armouries, she is currently Chair of The Battlefields Trust and Upper Warden of the Worshipful Company of Fletchers.

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Publication Date: November 13th, 2002
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