The Mr. X Interviews Volume 2: World Views from a Fictional US Sovereign Creditor (Paperback)

The Mr. X Interviews Volume 2: World Views from a Fictional US Sovereign Creditor Cover Image
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"The US is in a hell of a mess in every direction."- Paul Volcker, Former Federal Chairman, October 2018The United States is in a financial crisis, and in The Mr. X Interviews, Volume 2, Luke Gromen analyzes why. This follow-up to Gromen's first book reintroduces the mysterious Mr. X, a fictional sovereign creditor who has befriended Luke, and through a series of insightful conversations, shares with him his concerns about the United States' financial situation.At the heart of this volume's discussion is the state of the US dollar-centric system. Covering the period from October 2017-January 2019, Mr. X analyzes how China and other countries seek to escape the post-Bretton Woods dollar-centric system in various ways and what that could mean for the US and global economies. In these pages, you'll get a better understanding of why: -China is seeking to price oil in their own currency, the Chinese yuan (CNY)-Foreign Central Banks have stopped supporting rapidly-growing US Federal deficits-The US may have to weaponize the USD to maintain the status quo currency system-The first round of the US/China trade war was already over in 2018, and why the US lost-China no longer had the luxury of "playing the long game" as of 3q18-US weaponization of the USD to maintain the status quo currency system failed in 4q18Backed by numerous statistics, financial articles, and illustrative charts, The Mr. X Interviews, Volume 2 will open your eyes to a financial side of the world you've never seen.Luke Gromen has twenty-five years of experience in equity research, equity research sales, and as a macro/thematic analyst. He is the founder and president of the macro/thematic research firm FFTT, LLC, which helps investors connect the dots between Wall Street, corporate America, and international economies to identify investable developing economic bottlenecks for his clients.

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ISBN: 9781890427283
ISBN-10: 1890427284
Publisher: Aviva Publishing
Publication Date: August 19th, 2020
Pages: 212
Language: English