How to Keep Your Stuff Safe Online (Paperback)

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Any everyday person can protect themselves from the majority of online cybercrime. All you have to do is follow some basic security steps, most of which are completely FREE to implement.

This short guide is designed to be an easy and quick read that helps you identify and implement basic but highly effective security in a matter of hours. The main security guidance is covered in little more than 20 pages. It was written by the author of 'Cybersecurity for Beginners' and the physical password manager 'The Encrypted Pocketbook of Passwords'.

Although cybercrime rates are high and rising, the reality is that most victims are not aware of, or are simply not following basic guidance. For example, do you have different passwords for all of your accounts of value? How long is each password? Did you know that most house burglars expect people to write their passwords down and keep them less than 3 feet away from their main computer?

An inexpensive, accessible, concise and relatively jargon free set of online security guidance for the everyday person. The book also includes an abridged dictionary of key terms at the back taken from 'The Cybersecurity to English Dictionary'.

If you want to substantially and rapidly improve your online security to a level that will reduce most of your cybercrime risk - this is the book for you.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781911452171
ISBN-10: 1911452177
Publisher: Cyber Simplicity Ltd
Publication Date: March 8th, 2017
Pages: 82
Language: English