Hygge: Learn the Cozy Danish Art of Happiness Discovering Gorgeous Office and Home Decor Ideas. Adopt the Healthiest Scandina (Paperback)

Hygge: Learn the Cozy Danish Art of Happiness Discovering Gorgeous Office and Home Decor Ideas. Adopt the Healthiest Scandina Cover Image
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Would you like to live a welcoming, harmonious lifestyle learning finally to be in balance with yourself and others?
And would you like to achieve a quality of intimacy and comfortable conviviality that generates a feeling of well-being?

If you want to have the opportunity to live a balanced and bright life in everyday personal areas, without letting chaos and stress take over, then keep reading...

We spend our days, going, always going. Modern life leads us to be frantic, and the maximum aspiration is to never stop. All this stress is incredibly harmful to our health, sometimes it is necessary to take a break.

It is essential to learn to get out of this vicious spiral. By following simple and effective advices, you will be able to re-establish an authentic contact with your "inner self", respecting more yourself, your body, your mind and those around you.

The Danes and the Nordic people have this topic very much at heart, which is why it is in Denmark that Hygge style was born.

Hygge is a real lifestyle, which requires that we value our time, appreciating a moment of relaxation, focusing on our physical and mental well-being.

With Hygge, every moment of your day becomes a wellness ritual. Keep it simple, one of the keys to mastering this art is to not overthink it. Small changes go a long way for making your life better, and a whole lot more hygge.

Researchers find Denmark to have some of the happiest people on Earth, which Danes attribute to the practice of hygge.

By reading this book you will discover:

  • How to living with a sense of comfort, coziness, and peace;
  • The easy way to create a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people;
  • Tips to decor your home, and office promoting a sense of calm and peace in the living space;
  • How to reduce stress level, overcoming depression and anxiety, improve optimism and practice of gratitude;
  • How to feel more confident with yourself, finding a deep connection with family, friends and loved ones.

Most of us would enjoy feeling happy, peaceful and cozy, but do you have to move to Denmark in order to fully embrace the Hygge lifestyle?

No There are many easy ways that you can incorporate into your daily lives and living spaces.

The benefits of implementing these elements reach across our emotional health, physical health and our social health.

Are you ready to improve your life by embracing a healthy, pleasant and comfortable lifestyle?

You are one step away from the Scandinavian secrets of happiness, just order your copy now.

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ISBN: 9781914140495
ISBN-10: 1914140494
Publisher: Starfelia Ltd
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020
Pages: 98
Language: English