The Christian Life: Cross or Glory? (Hardcover)

The Christian Life: Cross or Glory? Cover Image

The Christian Life: Cross or Glory? (Hardcover)


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This book offers a radically different perspective from that of many best-selling authors concerning how the Christian should measure and evaluate travel along God's path of righteousness. It will endeavor to persuade the reader that by feeding regularly on the Gospel in the Preached Word and The Supper, God promises to have His way with the Christian and He alone will accomplish all that is needed for life in Him to be complete. He is not waiting or requiring you to do anything first (during or after) to provide you with every blessing of the Gospel.

Product Details ISBN: 9781948969680
ISBN-10: 1948969688
Publisher: 1517 Publishing
Publication Date: August 24th, 2021
Pages: 240
Language: English