Strike Your Crowd!: How To Managing Crowdfunding in Fundraising Campaigns For Business And Investments (Paperback)

Strike Your Crowd!: How To Managing Crowdfunding in Fundraising Campaigns For Business And Investments Cover Image
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How to turn a brilliant idea into something lucrative?

Do you have the ambition to create a very good business?

What if you can share your idea with an investment community audience?

Everybody out there interested in leading a business idea or maybe a donation-scheme project has always considered crowdfunding as a suitable option for this task. Virtually any task could be financed through proper fundraising campaigns, thanks to its great adaptability and easy-to-use when it comes to attracting potential investors. Usually, it is coming with a plan, with a vision, with a priority, while crowdfunding in the last decade has turned to be the right solution for street smart people and small business promoters. In this book, you will discover in particular to:

. understand how crowdfunding works;

. know what types of crowdfunding are indicated for business and investments;

. use dedicated platforms for crowdfunding initiatives;

. create and set up the right fundraising campaign;

. influencing, persuading and creating an audience;

. sharing your vision and your Goal;

. pursue your scalability with the right timing;

. let your fundraising being more effective after the launch;

. managing your funds at the campaign conclusion;

. realizing and deliver rewards - and fulfillment.

The overall crowdfunding industry is growing at high speed on a logarithmic scale. Surely crowdfunding is changing the rules of the game for fundraising and investing. Whether you are a startupper or an investor, or you are keen to find out the special benefits of crowdfunding deals, you will be part of a disruptive move, a change in investment paradigm and a player of sharing principles and projects with greater feedback in a greater scenario. In this exchange of money backers would like to know who is behind the project, the real outcome, what is going to be reached in a specific timeframe, so the larger the confidence, so the more you feel that you can trust, the more likely you are. In the end, crowdfunding is just a question of confidence between you and your crowd. The crowd to strike.

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ISBN: 9798664236552
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 6th, 2020
Pages: 132
Language: Italian