20th Anniversary Party!!

We're Turning 20!!!


We think surviving twenty years as a small independent bookseller is a big deal. And we owe a lot to all of you for helping us to ride the waves that have carried us up and down over the years. We promised you a big celebration, and we’re going to deliver: a party, lots of prizes, and specials all year long. Here are some of the highlights:

Party Day

·         On Sunday, May 6th, we’ll party in the store from noon until 7pm, and we’ll have cake and bubbly.

 ·         From noon to 4 pm we’ll have a photobooth. Yes, you heard us right. A photobooth so you can have your photo taken holding one of your favorite books – and you can take the photo strip with you!

 ·         The first ten customers to spend $50 or more on that day will win a free Broadway Books Twentieth Anniversary Book Bag.

 ·         On party day, we’ll be gathering email addresses from all of our customers who are willing to give them to us. From those names, we’ll draw one person’s name who will win a Nook Simple Touch eReader.

 ·         But here’s the real kicker: On that day and that day only, you can get double value for one full pink card. So, if you have a completed pink card that’s worth, say, $15, on that Sunday you can cash your card in for $30 toward the purchase of anything in the store. Word to the wise: make sure you fill up a pink card between now and May 6th! [One per customer, and the card must be cashed in all at once – no store credits will be issued.]


Celebrate All Year

·         Our good friend Brian Doyle has written a beautiful piece about the store that has been made even more beautiful by the wonderful folks at Letterary Press, who have turned it into a gorgeous broadside. If you’ve seen their greeting cards (and we just got in a new supply), you know what great work they do. Thanks to the donated efforts of Brian and Marty at Letterary Press, these broadsides are available free to customers upon request until the supply runs out.

 ·         From now through the end of May 2012, if you “like” us on Facebook and wish us a happy anniversary on FB (or just the wishing part, if you already “like” us), you will be entered into a drawing to win a Nook Simple Touch eReader.

 ·         From June 2012 through May 2013, we’re going to give away five $20 Broadway Books Gift Certificates each month. Here’s how you get entered in those drawings: starting in June 2012, each time you cash in a completed pink card, write your name and phone number on the back. Each month we’ll draw five winners from those pink cards.




Event date: 

Sunday, May 6, 2012 - 7:35pm

Event address: 

1714 NE Broadway St
97232 Portland