Come Shining: Essays and Poems on Writing in a Dark Time

Come Shining: Essays and Poems on Writing in a Dark Time


What is the meaning of darkness and struggle? What is the light that we all seek - in politics as in our personal lives? In the shared life of democracy, we need each other's stories of perseverance.

In this recently published collection of essays and poems, writers respond to the challenge of upholding basic values in a time when our politics seem to have become weird, scary, and undemocratic. Personal stories and reflections weave a wary kind of hopefulness: no darkness lasts forever.

Moments on a hiking trail, a funeral, a voyage at sea, family histories and personal credos -- show how we have always had to measure our lives in resolve and in realism, and not yield either to fantasy or despair. The book includes essays by David Oates, Tina Tau, John Brantingham, Andy Smart, Heidi Beierle, Bess Bacall, Kamala Bremer, Sonya Huber, Alison Towle Moore, Jill Elliott, Lois Ruskai Melina, Mare Hake, Seth Michael White, Leah Stenson, Rachael Duke, Diane Josefowiczm, and Edward Wolf, and poems by Jeremy Cantor, Eleanor Berry, Maria James-Thiaw, Marilyn Johnston, Suzy Harris, Annie Lightfoot, and Paulann Petersen.

The book is edited by Alison Towle Moore and Jill Elliott, with an introduction by David Oates, and is published by Kelson Books. Reading at the store for this event will be David Oates, Annie Lighthart, and Tina Tau.

Author Kim Stafford says "Come Shining delivers one articulate companion after another in our mutual pilgrimage toward a new way to be a community, a nation, and a world. These are not feel-good reassurances; they are sustaining reports of struggle, inquiry, and vision -- a book for the backpack of a traveler toward our better destiny." Wendy Willis, poet and Executive Director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, says "Come Shining lays bare all that we have felt but not often spoken since fall of 2016. It's as if the lid was lifted off the deepest well and all the griefs came rushing out -- political, civic, literary, familial, spiritual....It reminds us we are not so alone."




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Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

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Published: Kelson Books - September 9th, 2017