Gift Certificate

SKU: GC001

Broadway Books Gift Certificates can be made for any amount, and they never expire -- if we don't expire, they don't expire! We are happy to mail gift certificates anywhere -- postage is on us. Our hand-lettered gift certificates make fabulous gifts that add a personal touch when you're just not sure which books to give someone. You can order them on-line in the denominations listed below. If you would like to order a gift certificate in a different amount than those listed, just give us a call at 503-284-1726. At this point in time, gift certificates cannot be cashed in online. We also cannot accept gift certificates for payment except IN the store. So while our physical store is closed, they cannot be used for payment. They will be good when we re-open, and they never expire.


If you want us to mail them to someone, please provide the mailing address in a separate email to the store: