Meet Our Booksellers

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Roberta Dyer: I fell into the book business fresh out of college and more than forty years later, it still seems like a good fit. I have worked for publishers, book wholesalers, and other bookstores but I’m here to tell you that nothing has been as much fun or as much work as owning my own store and I feel more than lucky to have done it for twenty years. I am thrilled to have Sally as my business partner and hope that we’ll be around for many, many more years as part of this extraordinary community. My favorite things: helping people find the books that change their lives, and the blurry line between customer and friend.

Sally McPherson: After a career spent in publishing, including as a magazine editor and as sales manager for a textbook publisher, I was thrilled when Roberta graciously invited me to become a partner in her wonderful store, where I'd been shopping for more than a decade, and I happily accepted. The staff and the customers are delightful and knowledgeable, and the commute is the best: a five-block walk. I've always been a voracious acquirer of books and, as time allows, a reader of them as well.  My favorite category is probably travel narrative, and I read a lot of  nonfiction, but lately I've been taking a very strong fiction turn. Go figure. In a twist on that tired but forever true cliche -- as true for my home as it is for the store -- so many books, so little shelf space! My favorite parts of this gig? Helping people find just the right book -- for themselves or for gifts -- and helping people remember the titles of books they're looking for (e.g., "I think it might be blue and has the word flower in the title,"or "I heard an interview on the radio with an author -- I think his name might be John or Jack.")



Gloria Borg Olds is half of the team that brought you Broadway Books.  She worked as a bookseller for ten years prior to opening the store with Roberta, and shared all of the responsibilities and pleasures of creating and then running a good, independent bookstore for 13 years.  Before working in the book business Gloria worked as a Hebrew instructor for all levels of learners, and before that, in publishing in Jerusalem.Gloria sold her half of the business and officially retired a couple of years ago, but she still comes to the store for a four hour shift once a week to help out with a little of the buying, to greet wonderful customers, and to see, touch, and hold the new books.  She is a devoted reader of fiction and memoir, and Judaica, essays and poetry, and is delighted (make that ecstatic) to have time finally to take classes, do more volunteer work, and travel even more than before.


Jennie Chamberlin has been at Broadway Books for more than five years. She recently received her Masters in Library Science from Emporia State University. She is passionate (a possible understatement) about books and reading and loves nothing more than talking shop with customers. Her favorite book of all time is The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, and she is especially drawn to Indian fiction and, as of late, graphic novels. She is always happy to make suggestions or share a good read.


Judy McKeever’s love of books grew out of childhood experiences: a father reading aloud nightly each Oz book, chapter by chapter, a local library where she could check out large stacks of Nancy Drew mysteries and Oregon pioneer stories, to carry home every Saturday, and family vacations where the girls always set up bookshelves inside the tent for nightly reading by flashlight. As a high school English teacher since 1965, and Broadway Book’s employee since 1993, she has continued to love Oregon stories such as Bowerman and Craig Lesley’s Burning Fence.  She also loves mysteries set in other cultures such as Alexander’s McCall Smith’s books and historical mysteries such as Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs.She likes to suggest books for kids that her children and grandchildren have enjoyed, and books for teenagers which her students love.


Rose Lewin
knows her way around a bookstore! Her two adorable daughters (11 years old) are avid readers, so Rose is a great one to ask for advice on kid's books. Rose has been working in bookstores for several years and is an avid reader herself. Formerly of Clark County Law Library and Multnomah County Library, she just finished reading State of  Wonder, Ann Patchett's new novel, and couldn't put it down!


Kate Bennison is our most recent addition to staff. She has been an enthusiastic supporter of Broadway Books for many years and brings this perspective to her work with our customers. Kate is a retired business professional and currently works as a mom, wife, yogi, friend, aspiring artist, fund raiser, gardener, hiker, NE neighborhood lover and adventurous reader.  Keep your eyes on the front window.  Kate, in concert with Sally and Roberta, promises many intriguing vignettes over the coming year.


Chris Miller
Kate is no longer the most recent addition to our staff; that honor belongs to Chris Miller, who joined us for the holiday rush and was so terrific we asked him to stick around. Chris has only recently become a Portlander, moving from Northern California in 2009 shortly after receiving his B.A. in Religious Studies from Humboldt State University.He enjoys reading, recording music, traveling, and working a bookstore. It is Chris's greatest honor  -- so he says -- to be the only Broadway Bro.