Ordering Online

  • For information on ordering eBooks online through our store, click here. Please note: all eBook sales are final and nonrefundable.
  • When ordering print books online to be picked up at the store, it's always a good idea to confirm that your book is ready to be picked up, as we may need to order some or all of your items from our distributors. We will gladly call you when your order is ready for you to pick up. There is no charge for ordering online when picking items up at the store, even for special orders -- and you might just make a serendipitous discovery of something else that strikes your fancy while you're here! In some cases, the book you requested might no longer be available, or just not yet published.
  • When ordering print books online to be shipped, the book(s) will usually be shipped in 1-2 days, depending on availability, either from our store or directly from our distributor. Shipping charges will be calculated at the time of your order. Please note that you cannot change your mind and decide to pick up your order in the store once you have placed an order to have a book shipped to you.
  • When you order print books online you can get free shipping for orders of $75 or more. If you live in the 97212, 97213, or 97232 zip codes and choose "local delivery" as your shipping option on orders of $25 or more, we will bring your books to your house. (Serving us coffee, tea, or wine is optional!)
  • You can also preorder print books not yet published, to be shipped or to be picked up; we will call you when the book is available, or just ship it to you if you selected that option.
  • At this point we do not offer online ordering of our nonbook items, such as calendars, journals, magazines, cards, artwork, games, etc. Feel free to call us to inquire about price and availability of nonbook items (503-284-1726). We also do not catalog our used books or sale books for online ordering at this time.
  • You can only get punches on your pink card for orders you pick up at the store. Because eBooks can only be ordered online, they are not eligible for pink-card punches (nor can they be paid for by cash, check, or Broadway Books Gift Certificates). As a small business, we always appreciate when you pay by cash or check!

Interpreting the availability status for books:
  • On Our Shelves Now: This book was on our shelves when the data was most recently uploaded; however, it is possible that we sold the book in the store around the time you placed your order and so it is no longer in stock.
  • In Our Warehouse; Ships in 1-5 Days: We do not currently have this bookin stock but can likely get it from our distributors within a few days.
  • Subject to Availability: This usually means the book is no longer in print or is otherwise unavailable to us, but it doesn't hurt to check with us.
  • Coming Soon. Available for Pre-order Now: This means the book is not yet published but should be one we will be able to obtain. You can pre-order it and we will ship it to you when it is published or notify you that it is available for pick-up at the store, depending on which option you select.

Please keep in mind that while we are thrilled to offer you a storefront 24/7, technology is not a perfect creature and this is all new to us. We are committed, however, to giving each of our customers a satisfying shopping experience.