Consignment Policy



Have you published your own book and want to sell it through Broadway Books?

Broadway Books is proud of our long history of supporting local authors, and our consignment program for self-published authors.  In the past few years, however, as self-publishing options have proliferated, we are getting more requests than ever from authors who wish to place their books on our shelves. It is impossible for us to accept all of these books, as we don’t have room and also not every self-published book, even one by a local author, will find an audience here.

If you wish your book to be considered for inclusion in our inventory, please read the following statements and requirements:

·         We are only able to stock a self-published title if the author is a customer of our store.

·         We are unable to stock a title if it has been published with the assistance of CreateSpace or any other Amazon affiliate or program.

·         Except for poetry chapbooks, only books published with a printed and bound spine and displaying an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) will be considered.

·         If we accept a title for our shelves, we expect that the author will promote this fact on his or her website.

·         The author must agree to sell books to us on consignment, no less than the traditional bookseller’s discount of 40%. This means that we will pay the author 60% of the retail price for each book we sell.

·         We will only purchase books directly from the author, and not through any third party. Generally, we carry two to five copies of any given consignment title.

·         The author is responsible for delivering new inventory should we sell out and reorder, and also to pick up any unsold inventory.

·         It is the author’s responsibility to check on sales. We agree to keep books for six months. After six months, the author must contact us and we will pay for books sold and return the unsold copies to the author.  If we have not heard from the author after seven months, we will donate the books to Title Wave, the used bookstore run as a fundraiser by the Multnomah County Library.

Because we receive so many inquiries, we regret that we are unable to accommodate walk-in visits or telephone inquiries about self-published titles.  All unsolicited review copies will be donated to the library.

The final decision about the retail price of a title is the author’s. The final decision about whether we carry any title is ours. We reserve the right to not accept a title if we feel that we cannot sell it.

If your book meets the above guidelines and you want us to carry it, please contact us via email or regular mail with information about your book.

 Thank you.


Kim Bissell and Sally McPherson, owners