Tips for Ordering Online

We are so grateful for -- and frankly, a little overwhelmed by -- all of the orders being placed online. We've gone from processing 50 to 100 orders in a month to processing that many in a day. As a result, we've been running as fast as we can but are typically about 2 to 4 days out on processing orders. We have a very small staff, and we're having to social distance within a small store -- many times during the day we feel like a Pac-Man game, where one of us starts down an aisle but sees a colleague heading down the same aisle from the other end, so we back out of that aisle and turn a corner. Wakka wakka wakka. You probably have to be of a certain age to understand the Pac-Man reference. We are getting a little punchy here. Another challenge is that our wholesaler and publishing partners as well as our shipping companies are dealing with the same social distancing challenges in their warehouses, which adds to the delays in getting books.

Here are some tips that will help make the whole process go more smoothly for everyone.

  • If you need a book by a certain deadline, please allow plenty of time. If your deadline is less than a week out, please send us a follow-up email. We love when you make a note in the comments as well, but we can't see the comments until we open the order for processing. Please don't place an order online and then call us and duplicate the same order over the phone.
  • If the website shows that the book is in stock when you place the order, don't assume that you can come pick up the book. Our website only updates once every 24 hours, and it's possible that a book that was on our shelves at the time you placed the order has been purchased by someone whose order came in earlier than yours but hadn't yet been processed.
  • If you get an email stating that your order is complete, that does not mean that your book(s) is here. It means that we have processed your online order and are placing orders with our distributor and/or publishers to get your items. We will notify you when all of your items are ready to be picked up.
  • If we cancel your order because we are unable to obtain an item that you have ordered, the pending charge might show up temporarily on your credit card statement as a hold, but rest assured that no money will be deducted from your account. The pending charge will drop off of your statement.
  • Please be sure to double check the publishing dates for books on your order. We have had several people ordering books that don't publish for six months or even longer and thinking they can pick them up right away, especially in the case of hardcovers versus paperbacks. If it says "Coming soon. Available for pre-order," that is your clue that the book isn't currently available. We are happy to take pre-orders on any books publishing in 2020 that we are able to get.
  • If you want a book written in English, please be sure not to order a foreign language version of the book. If the title is in Spanish, the book is likely in Spanish as well. Just double check to make sure you are ordering what you really want.
  • If an item is listed as "Special order. Hard to get," it is very very very unlikely that we will be able to get that book. But because our website is facilitated by the American Booksellers Association we are unable to remove those titles from our website.
  • When you order books to be delivered or shipped, keep in mind that the delivery minimum and/or shipping charges are based on all the books being delivered/shipped at the same time. So if you order two books that are available now and one that is publishing in three months and ask for delivery or pay for shipping, the assumption is that we will wait until all of the books are here before we deliver/ship. If that is not what you want then you will need to make arrangements for how you want to get the later items. For instance, you can state in the comments box that you will pick up the later items, or you can include a separate shipping payment ($6 for 1 book/$1 for each additional book in a shipment). A single shipping charge pays for a single shipment.
  • If you are requesting shipping or delivery, please be sure to double-check that the full address is accurate and complete.
  • When you create an account, be sure to enter your email correctly and to write down your password; we do not have access to that information, and if your email is incorrect you will not get our response.
  • We do not have access to your credit card information when you order online (it is all encrypted), so we are unable to add items to your order or otherwise increase the total dollar amount of the order you initially authorized.
  • If you place multiple orders within a day or two of each other, it's helpful if you cite the order # of the first order(s) in subsequent orders so we can more easily batch them here.
  • We are selling jigsaw puzzles so fast that we are struggling to keep our website up-to-date on inventory. If you are flexible about your puzzle, it is helpful if you order your first choice but list your second and third choices in the comments box so we can substitute a puzzle that is available rather than wait weeks for the puzzle you ordered to come back into stock. If your preference is to wait for a specific puzzle, let us know that as well, but know that it could be several weeks before we will get it. There is a LOT of competition for puzzles these days, and we are doing our best to keep a full inventory.
  • One last reminder: For any purchases not made in the store (and while our doors are closed that is all of them), we are unable to punch or redeem pink cards or to redeem gift certificates or store credit. We will not be punching pink cards retroactively for purchases not made IN the store. Rest assured that you will be able to use all of these items once the store is open again, and that they won't expire.